As the Ulster SFC final against Donegal was played on a very wet day, Derry opted to wear long sleeves.
For the All-Ireland semi-final and final wins, Derry played in a new strip which featured the crest on the sleeve and shorts along with a 'v' motif. This style would be the basis of the county's kit for the next five years.
New GAA logo added, necessitating the relocation of the Guaranteed Irish symbol to below the collar.
Long-sleeved jersey with GAA corporate logo.
Collar updated while the O'Neills wordmark now appeared.
Similar changes to long-sleeved jersey.
Mainly white sleeves returned as the short-sleeved design changed. Again, the sleeve and shorts trim matched.
Change in the way Sperrin Metals logo appeared on long-sleeved jerseys, which were used for three years..
O'Neills jazzed up the normal sleeve design around the turn of the century, with a lot of clubs and counties carrying this design.
Long-sleeved version
The name of Sperrin Galvanisers replaced that of Sperrin Metal on the front of the shirts.
Long sleeves for league games, though they were also used in the championship.
Quite a departure for Derry, with red far more prominent and the middle band in white, but the gradient effect made the upper part of the shirt look pink.
The previous year's shirt was retired after just one campaign, and instead Derry lined out in a similar, but more restrained edition, with red again given priority.
The mainly-red shirt remained the first choice for the early part of the '05 championship (causing a bad colour clash against Armagh), but white returned for the All-Ireland qualifier series.
An odd choice for the county's new shirt, as it was an O'Neills style which had been in circulation for two years before hand. Black trim on the sides meant the red hoop was broken.
Front numbers added.
Long-sleeved shirt with numbers on front.
Bookmaking firm Ladbrokes took over as sponsors, necessitating another change in design, with a lot of unnecessary trim details.
As the 2009 shirt, but with the plain GAA logo.
Long sleeves.
Another change of sponsor and another new jersey, though again the design was strange as it was effectively the Tyrone shirt of 2010 but with a hoop.
Long sleeves.
Red sleeves returned for the first time since the 1990s, while the traditional collar was dispensed with.
Specialist Joinery made way, to be replaced by H&A Mechanical Services. The biggest changes otherwise were the reversion back to white sleeves with red trim and the addition of a faint fade effect at the bottom of the shirt.
The previous, plainer, change jerseys, which had a narrower hoop, had the Sperrin Metals logo and Derry crest applied.
Wider hoop, allowing the Sperrin logo to be easier included. Oddly, the GAA logo was in blue and gold, however.
Change jersey in same style as first-choice, albeit without contrasting sleeves.
Updated collar and O'Neills replaced GI.
When Derry played Monaghan in the league in 1998, neither side changed, but a month later the Oak Leaf County played in red for the championship. White shorts were a welcome addition.
Long-sleeved change jersey, used most often for Dr McKenna Cup and league games against Tyrone and Kildare.
Red sleeves returned to the Derry change shirt, which also retained the same collar as the white top.
For the championship game against Tyrone, Derry opted for long sleeves, the jerseys now carrying the Sperrin Galvanisers name.
The shirt used as the county's first choice in 2004 and '05 was retained as the change option, though with the new shorts and socks. Worn against Tyrone and Kildare in the championship.
For the McKenna Cup, Derry played in a long-sleeved version of the previous shirt, with white side panels now added.
The side panels - similar, but different, to the white jersey - were now on the short-sleeved top too.
Front numbers included.
Exact reversal of the new shirt, also used early in 2010 despite the 2009 GAA logo being present.
Change to GAA logo and new shorts.
Long-sleeved format, used in league game against Tyrone.
In the interregnum between Ladbrokes and Specialist Joinery Group, the Derry supporters' club sponsored the set of jerseys used in the Dr McKenna Cup.
As was the norm, the change shirt reversed the regular colourway. This kit was unusually worn by the Derry U21 hurlers in the Ulster final against Antrim.
Again, a plain switch, including the contrast sleeves. First used against Armagh (who also changed) in the Ó Fiaich Cup at the end of 2013.
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While there are other counties that wear red and white, Derry are the only one to have it this format, making for a distinctive look - though in the past a reversal of this style, red with a white hoop, has been favoured.

New for 2016 is this shirt, featuring the logo of new sponsors H&A Mechanical Services.