Plain, classy and uncomplicated - bar the necessary logos this was as close as possible to what the traditionalists would want.
While not as clean a design as its predecessor, this upgrade certainly could have been worse. Unfortunately, O'Neills never seemed to get the sleeves to match up with the torso.
The most noticeable difference in the new shirt was the large amount of green now featured on the sleeves. O'Neills' three-stripe motif also had a strong presence.
A new shorts design, following the sleeve style, came into usage while the crest was also updated.
The GAA logo reverted in 2010 while the shorts were changed to a plainer style.
Quite a change for the Dolmen County, as technically it wasn't the classic tricolour. Instead, most of the midriff was in the Kerry style, though the red sleeves served to give the same overall effect.
Not long after the launch of the new jersey, the back was revised so that the upper section was red and more in keeping with what people were used to.
An unusual one - this style was used by some of the county's underage sides but wasn't seen on a senior team until hurlers wore it in the 2015 Walsh Cup. Any knowledge on the logic behind the design would be welcome.
Perhaps surprisingly, the same style - first seen on Mayo three years previously - was used for the 'proper' new jersey, though with the red and green reversed. A round neck also featured with Tickets.ie the new sponsors - the jersey launch had shown their logo without the black box.
A change was rarely, if ever, required when Carlow played in the distinctive tri-hooped design. However, with a predominantly red style now in use, an U21 clash with Louth meant a green version of the new jersey had to be produced.
We'll be honest - we're not fans of this new set-up for the Dolmen County. In and of themselves, the jerseys aren't bad, but a) they're a real deviation from Carlow's unique normal layout, b) the design itself is three years old and c) the sponsor is at sore-thumb levels of sticking out (when the deal was first announced, tickets.ie was displayed in a far tidier manner.

The change to almost all-red meant a change strip was required for an U21 game against Laois (something similar had been used in 2014 by the county hurlers, while the black box around the sponsor looks even worse on the goalkeeper shirt.