An all-new kit for the Garden County, with Brennan Hotels coming on board as the new sponsors. Overall, a nice design, though the heroics of 2009 were unable to be repeated on the field.
Change in shorts.
Financial problems for Brennan Hotels meant that just one of their facilities - the Arklow Bay Hotel - was promoted on the Garden County's new strip.
WIcklow were drawn away to Cavan in the 2009 All-Ireland qualifiers, and having lost the toss for colours they were a white version of the regular strip, with blue shorts.
Despite being drawn away to Cavan in the qualifiers, Wicklow had to change for the second year in a row. Again blue shorts were worn, with the jersey the same design as the home, though the 'stripe' motif was solid rather than faded.
New style of change shirt used for the league game against Cavan.
The combination of royal blue, navy and gold is always pleasing to our eye and so the shirts Wicklow have been wearing since the start of 2014 get a thumbs-up, even if asymmetric designs aren't always to our tastes.

The Garden County are one of the few to change shorts as well as shirts when a clash arises, but in that regard it's a bit disappointing that the white alternative jersey - in the same style - doesn't actually have any royal blue to match the shorts.

Oddly, there are two gold goalkeeper shirts, one worn with the blue jersey and one with the white, while there is also a grey version which has been seen with both.